Why Should Ambit Energy Reps Consider Magnetic Sponsoring?

Magnetic Sponsoring Review for Ambit Energy RepsIf you are a rep for Ambit Energy, then by now you must have learned about Magnetic Sponsoring. For a newbie to Ambit Energy or a Ambit Energy rep new to the online marketing world, it’s probable that someone has suggested that you should check out Mike Dillard`s network program. If it were up to me, I would make it mandatory for all Ambit Energy reps to go through this program before they start marketing their Ambit Energy business. So what exactly is Magnetic Sponsoring anyhow? For over 7 years, this course has helped 1000s of Ambit Energy reps build their business. It is worth knowing why it has become a key tool for most Ambit Energy reps to become successful lead generating entrepreneurs.

A Magnetic Sponsoring Review for Ambit Energy Reps

Mike Dillard is an MLM expert who developed his own program in lead generation that aims to improve the performance of network marketers. About 7 years ago, Magnetic Sponsoring was introduced to the market. The course covered strategies on how to generate leads that helped him spread his wide network of partners all over the world. The course is referred to as the blueprint of creating a more attractive advertising system. Read the rest of this entry

Ambit Energy Funded ProposalMore often than not, when people start a Ambit Energy business, one of the first questions they ask is what is a funded proposal, and why do I need one for my Ambit Energy business? The purpose of this post is to help you tie it all together and help you make sense of all the information you have probably been overwhelmed by since you started the process of promoting your Ambit Energy business online. The first thing that you must realize when you’re promoting Ambit Energy is that you MUST have a funded proposal. Why? The average person who gets started in Ambit Energy needs money FAST! True, Ambit Energy has up-front money to be earned in the form of fast start recruiting bonuses and product sales, but those two by themselves won’t cover the cashflow needed to pay for advertising, pay for web hosting, and pay for autoship. There is also a time delay of up to a month before you get paid commissions for product orders, and that time delay can threaten your liquidity. Read the rest of this entry

Ambit Energy Reps are Plagued by These 5 Challenges

Ambit Energy Reps Make Money Doing ThisEven though the means of communicating with customers, prospects, upline and recruits have gotten more sophisticated, thanks to hundreds of means of communication, at its core, Ambit Energy is really no different. Despite technological advances, there are still many challenges that Ambit Energy reps face. With all the new technology and information that is available you have to be on top of your game if you want to be successful.
Here are Five of the most common challenges that most reps face in Ambit Energy:

Five Most Prevalent Challenges Faced in Ambit Energy

  • 1. A surge in social media marketing outlets: With avenues like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Foursquare, the challenge is not that there are so many new companies popping up, the issue Ambit Energy reps face is that they are going to have to learn how to use these sites effectively and efficiently if they plan to be successful.
  • 2. Increase in competition and information: Because of the internet, if you Google “Ambit Energy leader” you’ll find millions of results, and that’s a huge amount of competitors. With the increase of information and access to people all around the world, you can now find different tools, leaders, systems, and trainings that will promise you better, faster, cheaper, and easier strategies to build your business.
  • 3. Legal issues at your Ambit Energy corporate office: Because you work under the auspices of Ambit Energy, you may not have the right to market your business the way that you want to. As with most companies you cannot do income or product claims.
  • 4. Lower attention spans of prospects: Because there is so much information online about Ambit Energy, prospects don’t waste time with websites or people that don’t add value. You can get prospects’ attention with crazy headlines but keeping their attention is what Ambit Energy reps are having a problem with.
  • 5. There is no real security in your Ambit Energy business: You think because you are recruiting people into your Ambit Energy business that you own your business. Think again!!! You work under the umbrella of Ambit Energy, you don’t own the products, your downline, or any of the Ambit Energy marketing pieces… you don’t own anything in your business. You get paid to tell people about the business and that’s it. Your whole business (income and all) could be taken away at any point, for any reason.

So what are you to do?

Should you still consider Ambit Energy?

If so, do you know how to use social media for marketing?

How are you going to stand out from the rest of the Ambit Energy reps out there?

How do you avoid the legal challenges that Ambit Energy reps deal with?

What are you going to do about keeping the attention span of the prospects on YOU and not someone else?

If there is no security in your primary business then how can you get security for your Ambit Energy business?

All of these answers can be found here Inside The Online MLM Business Plan. You Will Learn… THE EXACT SAME FORMULA Used by 7-Figure Industry Leaders So You Can Generate Quality Leads, Create Massive Cash Flow, and Explode Your Business! Go There Now

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Simple, 3-Step Marketing Formula

Ambit Energy Reps Need to Know These 7 Keys to Attraction Marketing

Are you looking for information on how to build your Ambit Energy business through Attraction Marketing? In the current network marketing and direct sales industry it is wise to include Attraction Marketing into your Ambit Energy business building efforts. While I do not advise making it the only method to building your business, Ambit Energy Attraction Marketingsince there are dozens of offline and traditional marketing techniques that are very effective, attraction marketing is certainly an important approach.

Attraction Marketing as practiced in Ambit Energy requires a well thought out marketing system designed to 1) get the attention of your target audience, 2) attract them into your autoresponder and 3) lead them to ultimately want to join you in Ambit Energy. While you are developing your Ambit Energy Attraction Marketing system you must remember to build in these 7 tips to help you accomplish your goals:

1. Understanding Your Target Market - If you are going to apply the methodology of Attraction Marketing in your Ambit Energy business then the first thing you must decide is WHO you should ATTRACT. Many people in Ambit Energy are of the mistaken belief that everyone that can fog a mirror is their prospect. They follow the philosophy that “some will, some won’t, so what . . . next.” This belief stems from old school philosophy such as making a list of EVERYONE you know and using the 3 FOOT RULE.

The truth is the whole world is not your target audience. Those who succeed in Ambit Energy nowadays usually are those people who were either looking for business opportunities or have been involved in some form of business opportunity before. If you have read Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring then you will know his philosophy which is that your ideal target market is really other network marketers.

Once you decide who you need to attract, it is then important that you attempt to understand them, realize what their concerns are, learn what their pains and frustrations are, and offer the solutions they need .

2. Gain Exposure To Your Target Audience – Once you understand who you are trying to ATTRACT next you must develop strategies to gain exposure within your target market. The key here is to be able to identify where they gather in large numbers and gain visibility there. Today we are fortunate to have social networking, social bookmarking, search engines, and other Web 2.0 tools available.

If you are not using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other resources to gain exposure to your target audience right now then you must become educated on how to use them. When you sign up for the Online MLM Business Plan we spoon feed you and show from A to Z how to get leads using these tools.

3. Irresistible Offer – The first goal of Attraction Marketing is to build a prospect list. The easiest way to do this is to use what is known as a lead capture page and make an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER. So the question you now must ask is “what offer would be irresistible to your target market?”

Well, if your target market is other network marketers, for instance, then what might be irresistible to them is information on how they can attract more leads, sponsor more people and grow their MLM business. So you may want to offer a free video in order to have people opt-in to your list. Aim to get an opt-in rate of 25% or more.

One reason why so many people are beginning to use the Online MLM Business Plan is because the Irresistible Offer is so strong. We give away over 18 hours of training videos on every possible online and offline attraction marketing strategy, all for free.

4. Add Value – Now just because you have leads in your autoresponder list, don’t think that they will be instantly contacting you to enroll in Ambit Energy. The question you need to answer for your prospects is “WHY?” Why should they enroll with you in Ambit Energy, instead of another rep? Well it all starts with relationship building. Contrary to popular theory, people do not join you because of your company, your product, your founders, or your compensation plan. People tend to join people they feel comfortable joining, people they feel can help them reach the goals that they want to acheive in business. In order to create the right relationship with the prospects you are attracting you need to figure out how you can add value to their lives.

This can be done in many different ways. You could give away free marketing tips. You can give them access to private training webinars. Or you could teach them a handy technical skill or give them the answer to a problem they are having marketing their current network marketing business. The key is to remember that just because they subscribed to your list, this does not mean they are instantly ready to consider joining your MLM.

5. Establish Your Credibility – Before people will join you in Ambit Energy they first will want to get to know you, like you and trust you. You need credibility with them. They must see you as someone who can lead them to achieve their goals.

So you need to establish credibility with your list. The first step to accomplish this is to be in frequent communication with them. However, you don’t want that contact to always be sales messages. You want to provide valuable, useful, and effective help to them. An effective way to do this is to use a BLOG which you update frequently. This will help to brand YOU in the minds of your database.

In My Lead System Pro we teach you how to set up a blog. In fact this Free Blog Setup Training Video will show you every step you need to take.

6. Monetize Lead Generation – One of the biggest challenges faced by people in Ambit Energy and other network marketing companies is that they quickly go broke trying to build their businesses. This is especially true when they are using old school systems where they are constantly buying tools to build ther businesses. They will finance advertising out of their pockets or personal savings before their businesses are able to finance themselves. They end up spending themselves into a hole or even sometimes go broke.

The advantage of MLM Attraction Marketing is that as you attract leads into your database you can convert them into upfront cash. You do this by recommending various tools that will assist them reaching their goals. You earn affiliate commissions from making these referrals. You can use these commissions to finance additional marketing and advertising.

When you have the right system in place then you have a self-funded lead generation system, or funded proposal, where you move from having leads cost you money to you actually making money on lead generation. When you can profit from your lead generation activities you can attract all the MLM leads you want without it costing you money. This means there is no limit to how large you can grow your list or how wide you can expand your marketing efforts.

Ambit Energy Attraction  Marketing7. Following Up – Following up with your leads will make or break your success in Ambit Energy. One of the great myths of Attraction Marketing in MLM is that the system will do it all for you including sponsoring new reps into your team. The reality is if you depend on an automated system to have people enroll with you then your failure is assured.

Why, you ask?

Because MLM is still a people business. It’s the relationships you form with your team that grow a profitable business. So the best strategy is to follow up with the leads you have attracted. Call them from your cellphone and say hello. Don’t try to recruit them into Ambit Energy up front. Just build relationships with them, find out how they’re doing in their current company and if there are any issues they’re facing that you can assist them with, and expand your network. In time, the more people who know you, like you, and trust you, the more people that will approach you and join your downline, but you must follow up.

If you apply these 7 keys to MLM Attraction Marketing then you will attract more highly qualified leads than you can handle.

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