Celebrating Home Funded ProposalMany times, when people get started in Celebrating Home, one of the first questions they may ask is what is a funded proposal, and why do I need one for my Celebrating Home business? The purpose of this post is to help you tie it all together and help you make sense of all the information you have probably been bombarded with since you began promoting your Celebrating Home business on the internet. The first thing that you must realize when you’re promoting Celebrating Home is that you MUST have a funded proposal. Why? The average person who gets started in Celebrating Home needs money NOW! True, Celebrating Home has up-front money to be earned in the form of fast start recruiting bonuses and product sales, but those two by themselves won’t cover the cashflow needed to pay for advertising, pay for web hosting, and pay for autoship. There is also a time delay of up to a month before you get paid commissions for product orders, and that time delay can threaten your liquidity.

Celebrating Home Reps: What is a Funded Proposal and Why Do You Need One?

What is a Funded ProposalThe main reason for having a funded proposal is to have more income and cash flow coming in on a regular basis. This is important not only for you, but for the newbies that you recruit into the business. Not only should you have a funded proposal to keep you afloat in the first few months in Celebrating Home, you should be able to help your new reps stay afloat financially in the beginning by showing them how to promote their own funded proposals. A profitable funded proposal keeps your new reps able to afford their expenses until their Celebrating Home income picks up.

How Does a Funded Proposal Help Me in Celebrating Home?

This does not detract from your long-term Celebrating Home goal, which is to build a large residual income by building a large organization. In fact, it contributes to you accomplishing that goal, by providing you with an additional recruiting tool. While building a huge downline of reps and customers is your long-term goal, your near term goal , in case you didn’t know, is to be able to stay afloat in the early months, so that you can have money for autoship and business expenses without having to dig into your savings to pay for it. A funded proposal is also called a self-liquidating offer, because it keeps your business liquid. That is, your income from your funded proposal outweighs your expenses and you have cash on hand to promote your Celebrating Home business. By the way, your business is not your Celebrating Home distributorship. While your distributorship is part of your portfolio, your business is YOU and the Celebrating Home opportunity that you promote is ONE of your products, but that is another lesson for another day.

What Exactly is a Funded Proposal?

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “funded proposal”, here is a quick definition:

A funded proposal is a low-cost introductory product that you promote as part of your business model. The purpose of promoting the funded proposal product is to raise immediate cash to cover expenses, (e.g. marketing and promotion costs), associated with running your business. Typically, the funded proposal product is in some way related to your main product, so that the people who purchase your funded proposal product today would also possibly have an interest in your main product (in this case, your Celebrating Home opportunity) in the future. Because of your marketing and relationship building efforts, the customers who have purchased your funded proposal product on the front end will be more receptive to joining your Celebrating Home downline in the future, than if you had promoted your business opportunity to them first.

Here is a short example:

Lets say you make $650/month with a funded proposal, either an info product you have created or by promoting one of several affiliate products available and popular with Celebrating Home reps. Because you are making $650/month, you now have a story that you can share with others. Unlike most new Celebrating Home reps, you don’t have to struggle with the issue of not making money. You have a story you can share, and you can now show your prospects how to do what you did. That is a strong recruiting tool. As someone who has made $650/month, you have a story, and you can now brand yourself, because you have RESULTS! Too many new Celebrating Home reps get online and try to brand themselves, even though they have no results. They’ve never recruited anyone into Celebrating Home, they’ve never gotten a check from Celebrating Home or affiliate commissions, they’ve never generated a lead. They simply have nothing attractive to offer. Our industry is about being able to offer leadership, to be attractive, to show your prospects how to do what you did. That’s hard to do when you haven’t done anything that someone would want to duplicate.


To summarize, before you can start recruiting, sponsoring and leading, you have to go out and do something that someone would want to duplicate, e.g. generate some leads, get a check, etc. The best way to do this is with a funded proposal. Results sell.

That’s one of the reasons most people in Celebrating Home have such a hard time recruiting friends and family. Even though they trust you, they don’t always respect your financial decisions or your business judgment. Unless you are the alpha in your circle, you won’t be able to recruit many people from it.

It’s different when you have results. Once you have some results, and a story, you can make a video, or write an article, blog post, or email that details “what you did”, such as “How I made $650 in my first (days, weeks, months) in business.” You don’t give away all the details of “how” you did it, but you do a good job of showing “what” you did, enough info for them to want to know how you did it. At the end of your video, or article, blog post, or email, let your prospects know that if they want you to show them how you did it and teach them how to do it, they should contact you, or opt in to your list.

How Can a Funded Proposal Help Me Recruit More Celebrating Home Reps?

Here’s where you can use this to your advantage in recruiting. Now that you have proven that you have something to offer, they see you as a leader, you stipulate that for you to open your entire playbook to them, and for you to work with them directly with them, that they must join you in Celebrating Home and you will teach them everything you know.

So to summarize this in steps:

  • 3. Develop a story from the result you have created.
  • 4. Brand yourself around your story and share in as many different media as you can to spread your message, get traffic and get leads. That’s being attractive.
  • 5. Recruit people into Celebrating Home by sharing your story and offering to help them get the same result when they join you.

See the diagam below for a visual description of the process.

Funded Proposal Diagram

Funded Proposal Diagram

If you are need of a funded proposal to help cover expenses in your Celebrating Home business, make sure to check out these high converting systems:


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