Your First 30 Days in Simplexity Now that you are registered, pumped up and ready to build a thriving Simplexity business, you must consider exactly what you have to do in your 1st 30 days in Simplexity to turn a profit.

In Simplexity, there are basically two ways to get paid. They are:

1. Selling Products
2. Recruiting

Despite the fact that there are many phases to both processes, we are going to focus on those you need to know to turn a profit in the first 30 days of building your Simplexity business.

#1) Retailing in Simplexity

When you first attended your Simplexity presentation, or were exposed to Simplexity through a webinar, phone call, or video, there was clearly something that made you a believer in Simplexity and what they have to offer.

Whether it was the payment plan, the products or just the culture, you found something that you felt you could offer to others to help improve their lives like yours was impacted.

When it comes to sharing the products and gaining customers, your passion, belief and enthusiasm are vital. However, there are certain elements that you MUST consider before racing off to spread the word about Simplexity and their products with the market, these being:

A. What need does your product fill?
B. Who needs what you have to sell and is ready to buy it immediately?
C. Why do they want it? (What benefits will they get from owning and buying your product?)
D. Why should they get it from you?

As certain as you are about the benefits of Simplexity’s products and how everyone will benefit from them, you still should consider the desires of your potential buyers and how their lifestyle will be improved because of buying this product.

Simplexity is a sales business, and in order to sell as much product as possible, you need to implement the sales process, which is:

A. Create rapport with your future customer
B. Ask questions to establish a need
C. Listen intently
D. Share how your product will solve their problem
E. Get their commitment and seal the deal

The more friendly you are with your prospects without pushing the sale on them, the more you’ll find them closing themselves on the products just by asking them the right questions and allowing them the freedom to communicate and share with you exactly what their hot buttons are that you can sell them on!

#2) Building A Team in Simplexity

The true leverage in building your Simplexity business is in building a network of leaders who duplicate your results, while increasing the volume and earnings of your organization. This is often the most hated aspect of the Simplexity business because we often associate the task of recruiting with family and friends that we presume will dodge us at Christmas Dinner.

Sponsoring however, can actually be the most exciting aspect of Simplexity once you “change your assumption” about what sponsoring really is. Although you have metrics and milestones to hit so that you can earn a nice commission, sponsoring shouldn’t just be seen as a payday. It’s actually your chance to impact and change someone’s life, while opening a door for them to discover financial freedom and a whole new way to live.

There is so much more to being a part of Simplexity than the money. Of course the money an integral reason for why people do join, but there are also the benefits of meeting positive individuals, fostering your personal development and learning your weaknesses and strengths. There are also opportunities to go on vacations you never thought possible, and even potentially work from home fully, without ever going back to clocking in at a nine to five.

The moment you start to realize the benefits of your new “Millionaire Fraternity or Sorority”, you will find that people can’t wait to go with you to the next event, or get on the next conference call or webinar, just to meet or hear from some of the amazing leaders that you’ve been boasting about.

To build a team effectively in Simplexity, explain the benefits of being connected, instead of coaxing them in for a paycheck. They will be able to tell the difference, and you will too when it comes to your Simplexity commissions!

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